Remove WGA 1.2 – Remove Microsoft “Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications”

Remove WGA 1.2 is a tools that enables you to remove the Microsoft “Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications” tool, Which WGA notifications tool will collect your OS information (when your computer boot and check for legit copy) to Microsoft server every two week.

if you windows copy is pirated, you will see WGA banner like below:-

But your pirated windows OS still able to run where Microsoft allows Windows faithfuls to have 2 options: Get Genuine or Resolve Later.

Beside that, after you click on the resolve later button, you will see a ballon on right hand bottom on your windows screen to indicate that your windows OS is a no legit copy.

So, to remove the annoying banner is easy. You can use Remove WGA 1.2 to disable the Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications by simple clicking only (Yes or not).

Here is simple review what is the changes of Remove WGA 1.2 utility:
– Now uses the �RunOnce� registry entry instead of �Run� (starts sooner)
– Added a clean removal procedure for the final WGA notification update
(The final WGA notification is now removed cleanly without any BSOD)
– If every removal procedure fails (possibly for futur WGA versions), offers the brutal removal procedure

Beware, The Remove WGA 1.2 utility just disables the notification part of Windows Genuine Advantage and does not touch the validation partthe Windows Genuine Advantage Notication only.

Download RemoveWGA Here
Size : 13.5 KB
Windows Compatible : Windows XP (SP1/SP2)

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