Unbrick LG Pro Lite


For whatever reasons (improper rooting/flashing, power outage during updating, freezing/removal of LG bloatwares or simple bad luck etc), if you bricked your LG G Pro Lite/Lite Dual and is stuck with a Security Error or in a bootloop, fear not, as long as you can put it into Download and Recovery Mode, all is not lost.

Here, how to do that with both ONLINE as well as OFFLINE methods:

1) Make sure you have LG United Drivers already installed, otherwise download from below

ONLINE METHOD (If You Don’t Have The Desired ROM Backup as KDZ file)
2) Download LG Mobile Support Tool. (KDZ Updater). Install it as administrator in Windows 7 and above.

3) Put your LG G Pro Lite into Download Mode by switching it off, attaching the usb cable to the phone, holding the up volume button at the same time and lastly inserting the usb cable into the computer; wait for the drivers to finish loading if doing it for the first time.

Click Launch Software >>Go to options menu>> select recovery update… and wait for the flash process to finish.
(It will download the latest software online and after downloading it will update the same to your phone)

Your phone may get reboot/change its mode several times during update procedure.
No need to panic its normal.
Don’t dare to unplug USB cable/battery from phone during upgrade.

After update is finished you will get a message window showing successful flash of the latest software. Now you can unplug your device and use it normally.
Most probably your user data will remain as it is… mine was still there but I can’t assure about you….

Suppose if you are getting bootloop after this upgrade then you need to do hard reset to delete old customization and user data.

To do hard reset:
Switch off your mobile forcefully by pressing the power button continuously for 15s or if its not successful then by removing battery.
Insert back your battery and press vol down button together with power button for sometime.

FOR KITKAT INSTALLED PHONES: As soon as you see the LG logo keep vol down button pressed and release power button for a second and press the power button again just once like a click to reach the hard reset menu.
You will see factory reset/hard reset message …release both of the pressed buttons and now you will be asked to press power button for confirming hard reset.
Follow the instructions to press power button.
Your phone will get back into factory settings after some time and reboot…if not then wait for some time and then try to restart by yourself .

If you need a separate backup of STOCK ROM (4.1.2) you can download from here.

OFFLINE METHOD (If You Have The Desired ROM Backup as KDZ file)
+ Download and setup LG Driver : here
+ Download LG Flash Tool 2014 tool and extract :
+ Enter to Download Mode and plug USB into your PC
+ WARNING : Remember copy KDZ file into LG Flash Tool 2014 folder
+ Run LGFlashTool2014.exe and do as following pictures :
+ If you cannot run LGFlashTool2014.exe, please install Visual C++ Runtime Library here

Normal Flash: Flash ROM without losing any data. Only use this when you need to fix system error. Beware of boot loop when flashing ROM that differ from current ROM on your phone or MOD ROM.
CSE Flash: Choose this option when you need a fresh format. All data will be gone. It’s suitable for upgrading or downgrading ROM or simply use this when you need to back to Stock.

Step: 1

Step: 2 No need to choose anything just follow the marked red boxes/ lines

No need to choose desired language, it automatically change to English as a default setting.

Step: 3 Wait till your phone reboots and tool finishes to 100% progress mark

Enjoy the feeling of fresh piece of factory baked LG G PRO LITE

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