Setting up an eggdrop on Ubuntu

Setting up an eggdrop on ubuntu is really easy. What is an eggdrop? Here is some info ripped off of:

Eggdrop is the world’s most popular Open Source IRC bot, designed for flexibility and ease of use, and is freely distributable under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Eggdrop was originally developed by Robey Pointer; however, he no longer works on Eggdrop so please do not contact him for help solving a problem or bug.

Some features of Eggdrop:

  • Designed to run on Linux, *BSD, SunOs, Windows, Mac OS X, etc …
  • Extendable with Tcl scripts and/or C modules
  • Support for the big five IRC networks (Undernet, DALnet, EFnet, IRCnet, and QuakeNet)
  • The ability to form botnets and share partylines and userfiles between bots

Some benefits of Eggdrop:

  • The oldest IRC bot still in active development (Eggdrop was created in 1993)
  • Established IRC help channels and web sites dedicated to Eggdrop
  • Thousands of premade Tcl scripts and C modules
  • Best of all … It’s FREE!

First things first we need to download the eggdrop source code (binaries are available somewhere). Download it like so:


With that file downloaded we must now extract it:

tar xvf eggdrop1.6.19.tar.gz

You should now a folder called eggdrop-1.6.19 or something similar. Ok, now that we have the eggdrop files ready to go with need to make sure we have all the proper dependencies installed or we won’t be able to compile.

Luckily eggdrop bots only have one real dependency which is Tcl. To install Tcl I used this command:

sudo apt-get install tcl8.4-dev

8.4 is not the latest version of Tcl but I just wanted a working eggdrop and I KNOW it works with Tcl 8.4. Feel free to try 8.5 if you want.

Once Tcl has properly installed we can now continue with the compilation of the eggdrop bot. First thing we need to do is configure the make file so everything will run smoothy:


Once this is complete and no errors show up we can now compile the modules. If you do get errors during this point you *MUST* make sure that Tcl is properly installed.

Next will will type:

make config

This will determine the modules we need to install when compiling. By using “make config” we are deciding to use the default modules. If you want to select which modules you want to install you can use the alternate “make iconfig” command.

Now we can actually compile the bot by typing:


This will compile all the source code using the configuration we created. The binary versions of the source will be placed in the same folder we extracted the source to. To install the eggdrop we now need to type:

make install

This will create a directory called “eggdrop” in your home folder. This is where the installed eggdrop will live which we now need to configure to our needs. If you don’t want to use the default installation folder you could use the “make install DEST=” command and choose a directory for yourself.

Eggdrop should now be installed ready to be configured. This is the tricky part for most people. The configuration of an eggdrop is not straight forward for newbies but isn’t rocket science either. The first thing you have to do is edit the configuration file:

nano eggdrop.conf

This file is rather large. I don’t think I can go over every option here but you must make sure to read it over and replace anything that needs to be replaced. The most important things are:

  • The bots name.
  • The irc servers to connect to.
  • The modules you want to run with the bot.
  • Removing the “die” lines so the bot will start.

For more information on how to install an eggdrop please check out:

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