Linksys WRT54GL LED Keep Blinking

LinksysMy Linksys WRT54GL has problem. The PC cannot get DHCP from the router and the router’s power led always blinking. Try to reset the device, the problem still happened. Try to Upgrade the firmware from TFTP, but not respond.

Than after searching to Linksys Forum, i just found some good way to try. Here we go… :

First, Hard Reset the router;
– Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds.
– While holding down the reset unplug the power cord.
– Reconnect the power still holding down the reset button.
– Release the reset button.

Second, Upgrade Firmware thru TFTP;
– Download TFTP from here.
– Download WRT54GL v.1.1 from here, than extract the file.
– Run the TFTP,
– Fill Server with (WRT IP), Password admin, than browse the extract firmware file (.bin)
– Click Upgrade


– Done
Now I can access the Linksys admin page.


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