ZenFone 5 Have its Cheap Version

The success of ZenFone 5 makes Asus a Taiwanese manufacturer, prepared its cheap version named ZenFone 5 Lite.


However, although referred as a cheap version, ZenFone 5 Lite has the same design and dimensions identical to the standard version with a 5-inch landscape display, with a qHD resolution (960×540 pixels). The processor will be Intel Z2520 1.2 GHz. The same processor that used by ZenFone 4. Decrease of used by ZenFone 5.

The front camera, when Zenfone 5 has 5MP camera, then the Lite version with only 0.3MP. However, it powered by 2.500mAh battery larger than Zenfone 5 with 2.110mAh battery.

In addition, as quoted from GSM Arena, the Lite version will only have the amount of RAM 1GB. Even so, still 8 MP camera with pixelmaster technology and still offers a dual-SIM feature.

For information ZenFone 5 which comes in two variants namely that only carry 1 GB of RAM is priced in the range of USD 1.9 million. While that has 2 GB of RAM valued approximately USD 2.2 million. Well, the Lite version is offered by Asus Rp 1.5 million.

With these prices seem ZenFone 5 Lite is prepared to fill the gap between the Asus ZenFone ZenFone 4 and 5 standards.

Currently ZenFone 5 Lite itself has been introduced to the market in the Philippines, Indonesia possibilities follow thereafter.


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