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How to Disable WordPress Plugins from the Database

You can disable all WordPress plugins directly from your database. Alternatively you can disable all plugins from File Manager. This is useful when you have problems with your WordPress installation, such as not being...


How to Enable WordPress Error Logs to Detect Issues

To enable error logging on your WordPress site, you’ll need sFTP access, available with plugin-enabled plans. This allows you to edit your website files remotely. In this case, you’ll be working with the...


Setting Force HTTPS with .htaccess

If you had used SSL for your website, but still accessed from HTTP, so you have to force the browser to redirect to HTTPS. This is the script to force your browser to go...

Inserting Thing to Your RSS Feed 0

Inserting Thing to Your RSS Feed

You can use the following snippet to insert a link back to your site, some advertising, social media options etc. Basically anything you like, add the following to your theme’s functions.php file

WordPress Plugins to Facebook 0

WordPress Plugins to Facebook

WpToFacebook can transfer your WordPress content (manually or automatically) directly to one or more tabs in Facebook.

Add Watermarks to WordPress Images 0

Add Watermarks to WordPress Images

There are a lot of plugins out there for watermarking your images in WordPress, but this one may be the best of all of them. Signature Watermark is a new plugin that gives you...