December, Android One Sale in Indonesia

Google has announced the cheapest smartphone project, Android One in the event Google I/O in June 2014. Google’s Android smartphone is also already on sale in India in September 2014 and then.


Now, Google is reportedly preparing to launch Android One to market in Indonesia. But it’s not called as Android One. It will use an Indonesian local brand.

Lazada called will be one of the parties will market the Android One in Indonesia. Marketing models will differ from pre order system used by Xiaomi. “(Andorid One) will be sold with an open-sale system. ,” the source said.

If there are no constraints, plans Android One will launch in Indonesia in mid-December 2014.

About the price, there is no certainty the tag of Android One in Indonesia. But the price would be far below the price of the Xiaomi products.

By comparison, Android One launched in India priced at approximately 105 US Dollars (Approximately Rp1.2 million).

Android One has a 4.5-inch screen specifications, artificial Mediatek quad core processor, 1 GB RAM, Dual SIM slot, 5-megapixel rear camera, 2 megapixel front, micro-SD slot up to 32 GB capacity, and a removable battery.


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