Here are the Most Wasteful Battery Applications

android appsBoth iOS and Android, Facebook has become the most wasteful battery applications. A study from security firm AVG Technologies shows in addition to Facebook, there are a number of other applications that warrant concern suck the battery quickly.

AVG analyze about one million Android phone users worldwide. As reported by Value Walk on Wednesday (11/19/2014), this research measure many factors such as battery life, storage consumption and data consumption.

Facebook became non-gaming applications most voracious drained battery. This is because Facebook notifications appear diligent. This notification is still running even though when the user is not using the application.

Besides Facebook, Path, Instagram and BlackBerry Messenger into other applications are also wasteful batteries. Path was second, Instagram at number four and BlackBerry Messenger ranked number six.

The study also found pre-installed applications silently eroding battery life of the smartphone. Pre-installed applications from Samsung, ChatOn and WatchOn included in the list of applications wasteful batteries.

Additional information, AVG found the game application consumes about 62% of the time users spend Android smartphone or tablet. Four games made King Digital Entertainment on the list of 10 games that spent batteries, the Candy Crush Saga, Pet Rescue Saga, Bubble Witch Saga and Farm Heroes Saga.


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