Lollipop will Makes Xiaomi More Sweet

xiaomi-mi3-lollipopWhen some mobile phone manufacturers have ensured will immediately immerse Lollipop on its products, preferring Xiaomi secretly in developing Lollipop for their mobile phones. Even so, the leak has begun to circulate.

An outstanding images look, Xiaomi began developing Lollipop on one of its flagship phone, MI3. It is further enhanced by the view menu ‘about phone’ in the mobile phone where Android Version of its part that shows version 5.0.

About the time of release, it looks like it is still too early to talk about. However it is very possible while sliding Xiaomi will also be packaged in a bandage MIUI OS.

Xiaomi itself also recently released the Android-based MIUI v6 4.4 KitKat. So for Lollipop seems to be present as the next version of MIUI.

Other information obtained from leaked it is used MI3 is the global version. Means very probably Lollipop updates will be immediately attended to all the Xiaomi phone in any country, not per region as is often done the other mobile manufacturers.


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